Warwick Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society

(華威大學香港公共事務及社會服務學會), founded in April 2010, WHKPASS is an academic society of Warwick Student Union.

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What Do We Do?

 We organise different activities throughout the year. Aside from insight and volunteering trips during the holidays, we also hold conferences, inter-university debates, interviews, and much more. 

Message from the President

The world has experienced drastic changes in recent years, from the rise of populism, to Brexit, and the 2016 US presidential election/the election of Mr. Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America. Marked by high tensions, deep social divisions, and radicalised rhetoric, these are testing times that seem to render many established political norms as things of the past. It is clear that what is happening right now is beyond the normality and is unpredictable. Therefore it is the perfect time to observe and learn about politics and public affairs.


Especially in Hong Kong where the youth are often regarded as apolitical, I feel like it is prime time to take lessons and learn. Hong Kong is under immense pressure and difficult challenges, especially after the audacious challenge of the inescapable status quo - the Umbrella Movement four years ago. The result of it may not be ideal, the city is polarised, friendships and families are polarised, and people are getting more and more radical. At the heart of this conflict is the insecurity amongst Hong Kongers in which our political identity and future comes into question. However, we must not forget that it is the most intense debates which results in best resolutions. Whilst debating on our near future, we must also endeavour to resolve more pressing issues the city are facing, especially the ageing population and the housing problem. These compelling issues and the recent political turmoil led to many pessimistic views towards our future, and its reflected upon the upsurge of emigration in recent years. However, I believe that if we work together and fight hard, there is a bright future for us.


Hong Kong is “the Pearl of the East”, a special and extraordinary place, built with blood, sweat and tears of our predecessors, experiencing and surviving many important and significant events in the past. We must appreciate our past contributions to the world and the unique culture we have built throughout the year. It is us who will continue building our hope and dreams, to maintain our importance and influence in the world. I firmly believe that we have the duty to dream our “Hong Kong dream”, to continue building an international model of freedom, equality and justice. We must remain optimistic as we are responsible for our very own future, and we must rejuvenate our well-known trait of high work ethic to maintain our “Lion Rock Spirit”. We must let go of our differences and strive for a better place, while maintaining our freedom, integrity and most importantly the rule of law.


At last, let’s wish for a better year ahead!

Nathan Lee


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