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What We Do

We organise different activities throughout the year. Aside from insight and volunteering trips during the holidays, we also hold conferences, inter-university debates, interviews, and much more.

Supporting Organisations

Message from the President

Founded in 2010, WHKPASS is one of the first HKPASS societies to be established in the UK. As part of the UK HKPASS community, we aim to maintain a close network between Hong Kong students from more than 20 top UK universities.


We understand the importance of social awareness, one of our principles lies in raising awareness of Hong Kong’s public affairs in the UK. We run and engage in various events fulfilling our motto: “Knowledge and Action”. We strive to learn and apply our knowledge in practice to contribute to society. In achieving this, we optimise our social media platforms to promote awareness of current affairs in Hong Kong and give back to the community through organising and participating in volunteering activities.


With the pandemic getting behind us, we are moving towards a ‘new normal’. We are pleased to offer our members more in-person events in the past year. Internally, we hosted our first Freshers’ Orientation Camp with Warwick Hong Kong Society this summer, with more than 50 participants taking part in the three days two nights event. We aimed to create strong, long-lasting connections and friendships with our dearest freshers.


Externally, we have established Midlands Alliance, an exciting new partnership between Warwick HKPASS, Birmingham HKPASS, Nottingham HKPASS and Leeds HKPASS. Our first event, the MA Charity Ball in April 2022, attracted over 250 Hong Kong students from more than 20 universities and raised £200 for Crisis UK, the UK national charity for people experiencing homeless. 


There is an old saying in Cantonese - one generation plants the trees in whose shade another generation rests; our predecessors laid a solid foundation for and passed on invaluable experiences and wisdom to our society, and our vision is to pass on the heritage. Apart from the flagship Photography Competition, we will further strengthen the relationships within Midlands Alliance, taking the leading role of the organising university to host our flagship Charity Ball. We look forward to developing a closer bond and a long-term relationship with our Midlands counterparts while making charitable contributions to society.


Lastly, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to our business partners and supporters for their support along the way. We aspire to enhance the experiences of our members, inspire them to take up the responsibility one day, protect our beliefs, and bring positive changes to our home.

Haden Lee

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