What We Do

 We organise different activities throughout the year. Aside from insight and volunteering trips during the holidays, we also hold conferences, inter-university debates, interviews, and much more. 

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Message from the President


Hong Kong is currently entereing a new age of politics. From a series of popular uprisings since 2014, to the recent blow on press freedom. Willingly or not, we have undeniably reached a new level of politicisation. Something as simple as a group of numbers, “05432680”, can no longer have pure intentions. It is the “song of the angry men” that keeps their hearts beating, at the same time, it is also the evidences to crimnialize dissents. 

“If sharp criticism disappears completely, mild criticism will become harsh. If mild criticism is not allowed, silence will be considered ill-intended.” 

We firmly believe that all voices should be accepted, in order to achieve a healthy socio-political environment. However, the current evolving socio-political landscapes has proved to be an alarming call to action. And as a society that represents our fellow overseas Hong Kong community, we recognizes our responsibility to serve our people and to raise awareness, as well as to contribute in promoting our local culture.

In the coming year, Warwick HKPASS aims to adhere to our motto of “Knowledge and Action”. We will try our bests in uniting the students of Hong Kong, by offering them with diversified activities, in order to enhance their sense of homeliness and allow freshers to adapt to a foreign environment sooner. More importantly, on behalf of WHKPASS, I am determined to lead the society courageously, and to bring truths and spread voices closer to the people.

Eric Lee