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 We organise different activities throughout the year. Aside from insight and volunteering trips during the holidays, we also hold conferences, inter-university debates, interviews, and much more. 

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Message from the President

Since the summer of 2019, Hong Kong is experiencing one of the largest civil unrest in the history of the city. Ongoing protests, sparked initially by proposed amendments to the Extradition Law, is now transformed into protests against larger issues of democracy and political control. Once lit by neon signs and city lights, the “Pearl of the Orient” is now scattered by flames and burning barricades. While newspapers and the media tend to focus on the physical damages to the city, the underlying devastation to Hong Kong’s social fabric is most detrimental. We see a deeply polarised and divisive society torn at the seams, as countless families and friendships are destroyed by politics. Many people, dictated by emotions, are filled with hatred and acrimony as they immerse themselves deeper and deeper into the echo-chamber they’ve created, failing to consider, let alone understand, different point of views. 

In an increasingly divisive and violent society, I believe that it is of utmost importance that we learn to listen and communicate with each other. Hence, as the new president of Warwick Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society (WHKPASS), I hope to pave the way for encouraging more dialogues and exchanges in ideas. Hence, one of my goals for this year is to reinforce WHKPASS as an open platform that welcomes and celebrates diversity. All members should feel comfortable in voicing their opinions, and differing viewpoints should be respected, not shunned. After all, to be a global citizen in the 21st century is to be knowledgeable, proactive and open-minded. I believe that equipping our members with an all-rounded understanding of our current affairs will not only help them in their personal development and their future careers, but will also be beneficial to ease the political tensions that are plaguing Hong Kong society.  

As we step into the new decade, I hope that we can let go of our differences and unite together in overcoming various challenges, thereby enacting a positive influence one step at a time.

Jason Yeung