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What is HKPASS?

"HKPASS" stands for Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society. Founded in 2009, WHKPASS is one of the earliest and largest PASS societies across the UK and have formed a close network with more than 20 HKPASS societies from other top British universities. We are also one of the most vibrant and diverse societies at the University of Warwick, involving over 300 members across various academic disciplines.


「知行合一」 "Knowledge and Action"


Guided by our motto "Knowledge and Action", we aim to serve students by developing their knowledge and awareness of current public affairs, and transforming their knowledge into action. Our vision is to consolidate the reputation of WHKPASS as pioneers in encouraging the development of well-informed and socially-responsible citizens of Hong Kong. In doing so, we are giving more opportunities for our members to become better versions of themselves, ultimately contributing further to Hong Kong as a whole.


WHKPASS has constant collaborations with various universities and societies to organise the biggest, most exclusive, and most exciting events for our members. We have a diverse range of activities that will cater to everyone, such as but not limited to:

  • Bi-weekly Discussion Forums

  • Monthly Speaker series

  • Joint University Debates and Quizzes

  • Social dinners with esteemed guests (e.g. government officials, scholars, academics, members of Parliament, heads of MNCs...etc.)

  • Service Trips (e.g. Albania, Morocco, Rural China...etc.)

  • Career workshops from the Public Sector (e.g. London ETO, Magic Circle Law Firms, Investment Banks...etc.)

Join us as members, or apply to become our sub-committee.

Join our Membership now, at

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