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Our Success Stories

WHKPASS has endured great achievements over the years, here are some of our highlights.

Nottingham Model United Nations

Nottingham Model United Nations is an annual flagship event hosted by Nottingham HKPASS, attracting top delegates across universities in the UK. Emulating the official format and functioning of the United Nations, members are assigned different countries in order to represent their nation’s interests in a number of international issues. This year's topic revolved around 5G and data privacy. The Warwick delegation represented the Republic of Korea, showcasing their skills in negotiations and engaging in fruitful discussions regarding the ethical and political problems with introducing 5G into both developed and developing countries.

Birm Public Speaking 1

Birmingham Public Speaking

WHKPASS has achieved remarkable results in this annual flagship event established by Birmingham HKPASS, and our members have consistently demonstrated an ability to put forth their arguments in a confident and persuasive manner. This event covers a range of worldwide debatable topics and provides an excellent platform for students to express their opinions while learning from their peers.

Cambridge Quiz

WHKPASS has been repeatedly invited to compete with the best and brightest teams across UK universities in this renowned inter-PASS quiz. Our team members were able to employ their general knowledge and critical thinking skills, thereby maintaining a glorious track record in this event.  


Oxford Model LegCo

Oxford Model LegCo is an opportunity for students across the UK to engage in rigorous and dynamic intellectual exchanges. Through the years, our members have been able to showcase their strength in debating. Last year, our members were successful in presenting convincing arguments on the topic of national security legislation in Hong Kong.

LSE Forum

The LSE Forum is a prestigious Cantonese debating competition amongst Hong Kong students. Our contestants have successfully defended their proposition against the fierce attacks of their opponents, and convinced some of the top adjudicators in the event, such as Ms. Noel Pun, Deputy Director-General of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) London and Ms. Elizabeth Wong Kit Wai, a proficient journalist and the former host of On a Clear Day (在晴朗的一天出發) at RTHK.

LSE Forum 1

Photography Competition 

The Photography Competition — “Our Hong Kong” is a competition that we hope to reflect on the year passed through the themes of ‘Hong Kong Culture’ and ‘Politics’. The future of Hong Kong is full of uncertainties and therefore, we wish to seize every moment of this authentic city through different lenses, to capture what are still ours.

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