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Harvest your knowledge. Engage in discussion.

With a tradition of esteemed guests and engaging topics, WHKPASS collaborates with numerous societies to guarantee the best experience to our students and members, bringing in topics you care most about.

Speaker Series

We invited Dr. Arisina Ma, the former President of the Hong Kong Public Doctor’s Association, to provide insights on changes along her career pathway, as well as heated topics surrounding the medical field.

It has also been our greatest pleasure to have invited Dr. Ricky Chu, the Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission, to provide us insights on the main issues of racism faced in the Hong Kong society and how they could help with these issues. 

City on Fire

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In Summer 2019, Hong Kong has experienced by far the largest civil unrest in the city's history. The famous neon signs that previously lightened the magnificent metropolis have been replaced by the barricades on fire across the city. Our first forum focused on analysing the root causes of the protests from different perspectives, and the reasons of the escalation in violence. We explained the current situation in Hong Kong and how the movement started. Students from Hong Kong to share their views on the reasons for the protests. An open discussion session at the end provided an opportunity for all the participants to ask questions or to express their own opinion.

Next Ten Years for Hong Kong?

Summer Collaboration: DUHKPASS x EdinPASS x WHKPASS

‘The Next Ten Years of Hong Kong’ conference, co-organised by Durham HKPASS, Edinburgh HKPASS and Warwick HKPASS, was held at The University of Hong Kong on 20th August 2016. The event had three panel sessions covering the prominent issues of Hong Kong, such as Localism and Independence, with distinguished guests speakers such as Ms Emily Lau (劉慧卿) and Mr Chip Tsao (陶傑).

Student Activism and the Fishball Revolution

Collaborated forum with CPASS

In light of escalating localist movements in Hong Kong and the revolution in Chinese New Year, WHKPASS collaborated with China Public Affairs and Social Service society (now China Development Society) in discussing the implications of localism. Offering an alternative point of view, the event was produced fruitful debate and engaging conversations.

700 Days Away from Home

Sharing from a Displaced Syrian

The Syrian Crisis shook up the world one again when the image of a drowned Syrian boy washed up on beach in Turkey went viral with #KiyiyaVuranInsanlik (humanity washed ashore) in September 2015. To help students get better informed about the debates triggered by the Crisis, including the UK's immigration policy and the EU's asylum system, we have organised a guest seminar delivered by a displaced Syrian whose family has sought refuge in Germany since 2014. Our guest shared with us the background of the current conflict and her invaluable testimony to the drastic changes in her country since the conflict broke out in 2011.

Christmas Conference 2015

Flagship Conference With LSEPASS and HKUDU

Our flagship annual Christmas Conference was held on 20th December 2015 in collaboration with LSESU HKPASS and HKU Debating Society. The theme this year was on the social mobility of youth in Hong Kong. Our guest panel was filled by representatives from different industries in Hong Kong. Mr. Jasper Tsang, Mr. YY Lam, Miss Amy Chan and Miss Doris Leung were guests of the first panel. Our second panel consisted of Mr. Ronny Tong, Mr. Samuel Siu and Miss Michelle Lam. The conference was a culmination of panel discussions and floor questions, and our star­-studded panel of guests provided constructive advice from their experience to our audience.

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