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Embark on your ambitions.

With strong connections to established firms in Hong Kong, WHKPASS serves to connect talented students with companies to provide various career opportunities to its members. 

Our society is dedicated to enhancing the future career prospects of our members by acting as a link between talented Warwick students and established firms in Hong Kong. We have strong connections with some of the top firms in different sectors, and we utilise the power of social media to make sure our members are constantly up-to-date with the latest career information. Among our various career-related events, our Career Talks have proven to be the most popular, evidenced by a high participation rate and impressive feedback from both students and companies alike.


Over the past few years, we have helped promote various companies through organising different events. For example, we have organised Career Talks for one of our sponsors, Esquel Group – a leading global textile and apparel manufacturer, targeting not only Warwick HKPASS members, but also students from various other societies and universities. Speakers from Esquel were invited to give students a brief introduction of the working environment in the industry, and detailed information was provided on graduate career opportunities and summer internships at the company. Aside from external speakers, Warwick students were also invited to share their experiences. Last year, for example, a Year 3 student who participated in an internship program at Esquel gave a short presentation on what her internship was like. With opportunities for direct interaction between students and businesses, our Career Talks have consistently proven to be highly successful in connecting competent students with companies in Hong Kong.

As such, our Career Talks are very effective in connecting companies to Warwick students and students across the UK, especially as we provide an opportunity for firms to create a lasting impression on students. Indeed, Warwick students, first years in particular, have the tendency to apply for internship at firms that have participated in a Career Talk here at Warwick. With the success of our Career Talks, we hope to invite more firms across various sectors to collaborate with us, creating a win-win situation for both Warwick students and participating companies.

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